Multi-Site DCS Technology

PathMaker Neurosystems has pioneered a fundamentally novel approach to neuromodulation based on multi-site direct current stimulation (Multi-Site DCS).   Our proprietary approach utilizes stimulation at multiple sites along the neural axis to non-invasively modulate the activity of specific neural pathways and circuits involved in motor function and damaged by disease or injury.  Numerous peer-reviewed studies published in leading journals have demonstrated that direct current stimulation of the spinal cord results in modulation of spinal circuits and signals traversing between brain and muscle.  Through the synchronized application of spinal stimulation simultaneous with peripheral stimulation using a specific montage of electrodes targeted to the muscle group(s) of interest, we are able to drive current across the spinal cord and down the peripheral nerve in a manner that reduces the excitability of spinal motor neurons and their axons.  By reducing the overactivity of these motor neurons and pathways, we are able to restore the functioning of damaged neural pathways.  This is referred to as neuronal hyperexcitability suppression, and is the basis of our therapeutic approach to treating muscle spasticity and treating ALS disease progression.  Direct current stimulation is delivered through self-adhesive skin-surface electrode integrated into leadsets that we have engineered for each specific application, and these leadsets plug into our MyoRegulator® family of devices.  The DoubleStim® technology used in MyoRegulator® is one implementation of the Multi-Site DCS approach, and we are developing additional implementations for other specific applications.