ALSuppressor is our company’s second product, and is the first neuromodulation device intended for the treatment of ALS.  ALS is a progressive neurodegenerative disease that affects motor neurons in spinal cord and brain, resulting in muscle weakness, paralysis and eventual death.   Important links between ALS and motor neuron hyperexcitability have been documented, and our published work in NKCC1 suppression has led us to the application of our technology to ALS.  At present, there are only 3 FDA-approved drugs for the treatment of ALS, yet none of them provide any benefit in terms of patient survival.  As such, there is tremendous unmet medical need in the ALS field, and we are working to bring an entirely new treatment paradigm to this unrelenting and terrible disease.

ALSuppressor has emerged from our proprietary DoubleStim™ technology, and provides simultaneous non-invasive stimulation at spinal and peripheral sites, resulting in suppression of hyperexcitable spinal motor neurons.  Work is now underway to rapidly enable a human feasibility study of our prototype device.