MyoAmplifier™ PM-3300

The MyoAmplifier™ PM-3300 is our company’s second product, and provides an advanced non-invasive platform that integrates magnetic and electrical stimulation to treat patients with paralysis and muscle weakness. Such conditions are seen in many patients suffering from stroke, cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, spinal cord injury, traumatic brain injury and other neurological disorders. These disabilities severely limit motor control, muscle function and mobility, and there are no effective therapies that can currently reverse these conditions in these patients.

MyoAmplifier is based on our proprietary TripleStim™ technology, which provides simultaneous non-invasive stimulation of cortical (motor cortex), spinal and peripheral sites serving afflicted muscles. Through this multi-site stimulation, MyoAmplifier actually amplifies descending cortical signals to drive stronger muscle responses that can reverse paralysis and restore function and mobility. Animal studies and early feasibility clinical use in humans indicate that our TripleStim™ technology stimulates disrupted motor pathways and enables delivery of stronger cortical signals to drive stronger muscle response.

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